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Why Montreux Mediation

Private Client Mediation

Litigation can be very expensive not only because of the costs of your own legal team but because of the potential risks of being ordered to pay the costs of all other parties involved in the case.  

All mediation is voluntary, but the courts now usually ask parties who take their problems to court to show that they have at least considered mediation.

A high proportion of disputes are resolved by the mediation process and in those cases many thousands of pounds of legal costs and management hours can be saved. 

Our Mediators are experienced in conflict resolution, communication breakdown, disputes in throughout life decisions. Including Divorce , separation , intergenerational disputes, grandparents who may be finding it difficult to see their grandchildren, sibling rivalry, care of elderly relatives, end of life decisions , inheritance disputes, family feuds, perceptions of fairness , differences in work ethics, sense of entitlement ,boundaries , 

Montreux  Mediation promotes a safe and positive environment for difficult   conversations , we recognise that conflict in all areas of life is normal.

If however these conflicts are reoccurring, continual or are left unresolved they can be extremely detrimental.


Montreux Mediation, commitment to supporting and assisting private clients through Mediation and Dispute Resolution .

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