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Our Mediation is charged by the hour at £150. per person, per hour and will be billed to clients separately unless you ask us to make a different arrangement.

Most mediation sessions last on average for an hour and a half . 
Mediation usually involves three to six sessions.

Group and Business Mediation differs to this depending on the complexity of the case, the number of parties, Mediators and travelling involved. 

We do not charge for preparing for the sessions, or for writing letters / emails between sessions, but we do charge for the creation of any formal paperwork that may be produced in the course of the mediation.  Open Statement of Financial Information and Summary of Proposals or Parenting Plans, again these costs are divided equally between the clients.
 There are likely to be some additional legal costs, but these should be relatively limited.

For more information or an informal chat on how we might help you, please get in touch.


Monteaux Mediation is a private practice and we do NOT offer mediation funded by legal aid.

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